The Kinsta hosting platform doesn’t fall into any of the traditional hosting categories. The entire infrastructure is built on the Google Cloud Platform and is very different from traditional shared, VPS, or dedicated infrastructure. Furthermore, Kinsta makes GCP’s compute-optimized C2 machines (Google’s fastest servers) and premium tier network available for all their customers at no additional charge.

Kinsta utilizes LXD managed hosts and orchestrated LXC software containers for each site. What this means is that every WordPress site is housed in its own isolated container, which has all of the software resources required to run it (Linux, Nginx, PHP, MySQL). The resources are 100% private and are not shared between anyone else or even your own sites.

All sites on Kinsta are protected by their Cloudflare integration, which includes an enterprise-level firewall with application-specific rulesets, automatic wildcard SSL certificates, and DDoS protection. Unlike other managed WordPress hosts that charge extra for WAF and DDoS protection, the Cloudflare integration is completely free for all Kinsta customers.

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  1. The MY Kinsta dashboard reporting saves us many hours. I love the staging environments and navigation. I recommend Kinsta to all my clients.

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