The overall performance of your WordPress website has always been a main concern for the Kinsta hosing service. It’s one of the principal reasons clients pick Kinsta today over the other hosting companies, and KInsta has demonstrated this endlessly time after time. They have been one of the first in the business to deliver the most recent programming like PHP 8, and Review Signal has awarded Kinsta “top level” for five years straight.

Kinsta was also the first WordPress hosting companies to use the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solely, and they watch out for any changes in available infrastructures. Kinsta is continuously attempting to push the limits, and today they’re taking it to a completely new level. Kinsta is moving to GCP’s cutting edge register enhanced virtual machines (C2).

Kinsta has developed a WordPress hosting platform that is completely adaptable to any requirement, from Starter plans to Enterprise plans they are making the new GCP machines accessible for everybody. It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re a casual blogger or Fortune 500 organization, you will receive the rewards this change brings to the table.

How precisely will this effect you? Over the course of the last month, Kinsta has been trying these new machines inside and have been floored by their performance. They are seeing performance enhancements from 30% with a possible 200%!

Not only will you see quicker load times, you’ll likely also see a distinction in the responsiveness of your WordPress administrator dashboard. For those of you dealing with your WordPress sites regularly, this ought to assist with making your work process much more pleasant.

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  1. After I originally left a comment I saw it did not show up. I wanted to say that I really like the Kinsta dashboard and instant backups. I give Kinsta a 10 out of 10

  2. The MyKinsta dashboard has been a lifesaver for our company. The reporting is great and the staging environment is awesome.

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