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These are a few of the most recent projects. All Rreal websites are crafted by hand with html, JavaScript and perl. For details on the services and pricing please check the Services List  
High-Tech Web-Sites
Measurement Concepts The liquid design and multiple image mouse overs make this medical site come alive.
Webdustrial The ultimate resource for all aspects of Industrial operations. Offering a business directory with search capability.
JenniferKay.PRG This site has the popular PRG E-Card and if you can find the entrance there are a few games to play in the PRG secret web pages.
E-commerce Web-Sites
seca scales Using just little JavaScript this clean, fast loading e-commerce medical site contains the largest selections of weighing and measuring products available on-line.
Quick Medical Medical products and measuring systems that can all be purchased through the Internet. This one is going to be massive, check back often to watch it grow.
Mid-Tech Web-Sites
Tanita scales This e-commerce medical scales site contains the complete selections of Tanita weighing and measuring products.
Strasen.com A family membership site with search and instant entry into the data base.
Low-Tech Web-Sites
Synergy Machine Very basic information site for the aerospace machine shop.
Percision Time A simple page with information on services and hours of operation. This will soon be a complete e-commerce site.
Anthopometric.com Designed to assist a anthropometrist, pediatrician or endocrinologist.
Medical Scales Designed to help health professionals find the right products to take thier practice into the next century.
Rockin' Town Embrace Rock music's past, present and future.
Ro2e A fun web site designed for people born in the mid 90's.
Noteware Co. This Low-tech site gets right to the point. If your looking for music writing fonts you know you have found them.
On-line Resume Making an on-line resume interesting yet professional was the goal of this web-site.

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